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This page is created for reference information only, strictly for prospect employers just to show my potential in copyrighting. I almost sure that I do not violate somebody’s copyrights (either my former Customers, or former Employers by breaking a Сonfidentiality Agreement I might signed). Actually, I don’t remember signing some papers relating to the mentioned above issue. However, as a precaution measure, I hereby declare that the texts given under this Portfolio section were written by me more than five years ago, were publically available for some time and don’t exist anymore on web-site pages they had been intended for.

1. Moscow Confederation of manufacturers and businessmen (employers) – MCMB (e) celebrates its
15-th Anniversary

MCMB (e) is an association of employers with different kind of property including enterprises of all business activities.

Confederation takes direct participation in the developing of the unique strategy of the activity of manufacturers and businessmen in the economic and social policy field of Moscow city.

MCMB (e) is a member of the city social partnership system and from the moment of its foundation, it signs the Moscow trilateral agreement on behalf of the capital city manufacturers. Being a member of Moscow Trilateral Committee, Confederation takes an active part in discussing issues of the trilateral agreement in partnership with the heads of district departments of MCMB (e) and of the branch associations – members of the Confederation.

MCMB activities

MCMB (e) takes part in the activity of the Coordination Union of manufacturers and businessmen (employers) associations of the Central federal district of Russia.

Moscow Confederation contributes to the development of stimulating and supporting measures of innovations in the enterprises. With its partnership it was elaborated the conception of formation and realization of the city medium-term program “Comprehensive program of innovation in Moscow city for 2007–2009”. For the purpose of the conservation and development of scientific and industrial potential of the city the Confederation came into the elaboration and realization of the City target program “Comprehensive program of an industrial activity in Moscow city for 2007–2009”.

Now MCMB (e) is developing a partnership with business community of Russia regions.

On the one hand, the Confederation actively promulgates (by means of mass media – television and print publications) the participation in the fair dedicated to the achievements in the domestic industry and science. On the other hand, it boosts a business activity, a high social and legal status of economic managers. MCMB (e) contributes to the increasing of the professionalism and qualification of economic managers, as well as businessmen.

In addition, MCMB (e) is one of the organizers of the competition “Moscow masters”.

The Confederation gives supports and legal assistance to the employers including criminal intrusions for the purpose of power-operated captures outside of legal environment.

Overall, MCMB (e) carries out an effective activity on the formation of market structures and mechanisms of full value, of legal framework for domestic industry and entrepreneurship, of the conditions for investment attraction of the enterprises of the capital.

Principal directions of MCMB(e) activity are as follows:

  • Regulations of the land-use issues, involvement of land in the economic turnover;
  • Safety of the entrepreneurial business and the formation of a civilized market;
  • Improvement of the facility of the municipal order;
  • Tax and pricing policy, improvement of the financial system;
  • Tariffs and cost-effective use of the resources, environmental protection;
  • Industry and housing and public utilities reform;
  • Innovation activity, intellectual property;
  • Small and medium businesses development;
  • Staffing support of the production sector.

Moreover, Standing Commissions have been created and they are acting now in the line of these directions.

As a rule, Moscow Confederation closely interacts with Moscow government structures, on practically, in connection with all issues of the city vital activity.

2. About us

Polyprint is a polygraphic enterprise performing complex decisions concerning polygraphic production manufacture, including design, offset printing, flexography printing on a corrugated cardboard, as well as prepress and after press processing.

Basic products of the enterprise are:

  • Label production
  • Advertising production
  • Packing from a polygraphic cardboard
  • Packing from a corrugated cardboard
  • Digital printing and much more

Polyprint Company has worked on the Belarusian market since 1992.

Printing office stuff number is over 150 people today. Printed output is realized 24 hours a day. Besides, operation of the most modern equipment gives possibility to produce polygraphic production of high quality.

On the whole, enterprise work is focused on the constant relationship with clients, continuous search and realization of possibilities of printed output improvement, introduction of advanced technologies in the process of manufacturing, regular training of stuff, as well as upgrading resources for providing the highest quality of the product.

In the previous years, a quality and competitive prices gave to polygraphic Polyprint Enterprise an opportunity to achieve a stable position and to develop a range of poligraphic production. Flexible price policy, speed of orders execution and excellent quality permitted to add to its value the status of a trust-worthy company.

If you are interested in a quick commercial success, if you appreciate your time and money – professionalism and experience, reliability and reputation of one of the largest producers of polygraphic production in the Republic of Belarus are always at your disposal!

3. Label

Priority activity of our enterprise is manufacturing of label production. Having a full complex of the equipment meeting modern requirements of a printing, together with an opportunity of its constant modernization, we produce full-colour label production of a different complexity, including that one with protective elements.

High quality of our production is regularly awarded with diplomas of various exhibitions in a nomination for the best label.

As can be expected, label production is made on different types of papers:

  • Dry
  • Moisture resistant
  • Moisture alkali-proof
  • Emboss under flax
  • High glossy paper
  • Offset
  • Metalized smooth
  • Metalized high glossy paper
  • Metalized emboss under flax
  • Self-adhesive with various types of after printing processing
  • Hot stamping of a foil
  • Stamping of a protective foil (protection against falsifications)
  • Relief stamping
  • Figured cut-out of different form
  • Ultraviolet varnishing

Having in our staff highly skilled designers, we are ready to offer you the development of new concepts of labels.

What is more, we give the documents for each shipment confirming the quality of our production (the hygienic certificate, the quality certificate of our production). We have the Production Certificate of our own manufacture. On request, we are ready to give the documents concerning the materials used in a printing, especially necessary for the label production relating to food products.

4. Advertising production

Qualitative polygraphic production is a visiting card of our company. It can have both information, and advertising features. One of the basic advantages of advertising with polygraphic products is their comparative cheapness and rather considerable self-descriptiveness. Not to mention that it is an excellent addition to advertising campaigns in basic mass-media. Advertising polygraphic production neither raises the ire of consumers, nor interferes with their usual course of life; it is not imposed unlike other mass media.

One of the major advantages of this advertisement is a long period of interaction with a potential consumer.

We take orders for the most popular and already considered as a classic advertising production such as:

  • Magazines
  • Books in soft-cover
  • Booklets, catalogues
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Folders
  • Pull-off calendars (wall, desktop, quarter, pocket)
  • Ad leaflets
  • Flyers
  • Price-lists
  • Labels
  • Notebooks


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